7 and a half to go !
Friday, 6 November 2015 | 07:22 | 0princess
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assalamualaikum, hello earthlings !
 just get back from asrama.. and already packed half of my things in my locker. and my locker look bigger and soo many ruang. hehehe *excited*
soo, that is not the real point.. by this time, just nak cakap.. im sitting for espeyem. yeah, right now, like for real. hee

soo, the things is.. i had already done my BM, BI, PQS, SEJ  and B.arab paper1. soo there will be like 7 and a half papers to go, since i took 11 subjects... yea, exausting to be heard. :')

soo, tu je. hahahahaha just nak caka, goodluck to all of my friends, all the best.. naik cuti deepavali, subject2 killer...

soo, paper pun study guys, :) all the best. bismillah hi tawakaltu ala Allah.

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