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hello everyone ! how was your day ! its been a few month, from my last post. cause i don't have any idea to put up on my blog, and to share anything... lol

so here's a thing. i'm 8teen this year, 2016. yey ! so for the time being, waiting for the spm result this march, some of my friends, are working. some of them, planning a bisness, and some of them are just like me, staying at our home.. playing games, watching movies, reading books, and so so.

soo, as a usual things laa kan, my dad asked me to go and make the car license. so i was like, why not. bosan bosan duduk rumah, atleast there is something that i can really do, and spend my boring day with something new. kan kan kan. hahaha

on 9/1 i went for dengar ceramah at IMKEDA cheras, the duration was soo long, you can feel the boringness, but not so bad. cause the penceramah was soo funneh, mueheehee.

soo, dah dengar ceramah, i went for the computer exam at myeg in cheras too. which is unexpectedly, near my house like a few blocks away. lels. at first i thought it soo hard, sebab markah lulus 42/50. :'(

eventually, there is my friends, mimi who also took the exam on the same day, so she said "weh, kau dah try test exam ni dekat apps?" "ehh belom, nak try" soo, i took the exam in her phone... i gagal ! hahahhaa i got 39. soo before i sat for the real exam at the myeg place. i read the books like macam gila. kalah time baca buku bio time spm. hahahaha.

soo, after dah masuk exam, i did well, and alhamdulillah LULUS. :)
ohh yeah, if you guys gagal on the first attempt, you need to reseat the exam , and you need to pay for it. lol, siapa je nak. trust me, you wont spending your money just to reseat the examination. :)

so, after the lulus lulus tu, i need to go to the imkeda , and wait for the another 2 weeks, until my lesen L siap. hehehe, so then i got my lesen L.

Lesen L is for your lesen untuk training, which it tooks about 1 year till then you get the lesen P. lesen L, is important . kot. sebab when the jpj tangkap you bawak kereta tak betul, they wont saman you, cause you are still a learner. you get it ? lesen L, for the leaner. :)

soo, after you get your lesen L, and lulus ujian jpj. you will get your lesen P !. lesen P took 2 years till you get the pure lesen for yaa FUTURE. hahaa

soo, itulah serba sedikit. yea, tak ada kaitan dengan tajuk ;'). whatever it is, im half way done with my lesen things, and then, i can go around with the car to anywhere that i want. tak payah susah susah suruh anyone hantar. :") yey . hehe whatever it is, bye ! xoxo arifa.

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